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I have burst into life through my creative expressions working in henna. I was drawn to henna after a brief experience at an outside fair. After spending a week staring at the ever fading lines of my little bracelet, I became determined to learn as much about henna as I could.

And then Dragonfly Designs came into being. I have spent the last decade expanding my business, reputation and skills. Dragonfly started out as a company committed to celebrating the beauty and magic within all of us through the splendor of henna. In its growth, my passion for this art form has never ebbed, and I have been delighted to directly share my art with over 10000 clients.

I am thrilled by working with people in such a positive and artistic manner. Henna affects me on a spiritual level. It is steeped in over 5000 years of culture, beauty & magic. Applying a design allows both client and artist to partake in something we as Canadians rarely get a good feel for - a deep connection with history.

It is wonderful to assist clients in giving back to themselves. Having henna applied is not only fun, but stress relieving, healing and rejuvenating. When was the last time you sat quietly for yourself, taking a much needed break from all the chaos that is around us. Henna application is truly a mystical and mesmerizing activity to observe and be a part of. It is my goal to ensure a positive and unique henna experience for each one of my clients.

In keeping with that goal, I am constantly thriving to improve my skills and knowledge. I passed my International certification exam with the ICNHA in the summer of 2004. I am one of only 7 Certified artists in all of Canada, and the only Certified artist east of Toronto. I have expanded my skills to meet the requests of my clients in being able to offer gilding & jewel application, to accent henna artistry. Glitter Tattoos are also a new fascination for me, as well as working with acrylics in various manners. As an artist, I strive to reinvent myself! Facilitating my henna workshop is also a thrill, as I take great pleasure in sharing some of henna's secrets with willing students! 2006 saw the expansion of the business into supplying henna related products to enthusiasts and artists Canada wide. My artistry skills have expanded to also include the application of fun temporary Glitter Tattoos for the young and young at heart. In 2009, I became involved with the Canadian Association of Face and Body Artists. I was instrumental in having henna artistry included in our group liability policy and am an active member of the Association as Memberhsip Secretary and Treasurer. I have been invited to 2 conventions to teach henna skills in the role of a master artist. 2012 brought a new adventure to me, in that I have a fairly regular spot as a vendor at The Northside Market in Fredericton. Although I will always be a henna gypsy - I will do my best to keep my availablity posted at my booth at the market.

Fredericton, New Brunswick is home to Dragonfly Designs, but I regularly take flight to venues across the country to bring my henna and skills where they are invited. Henna has taken me to many wonderful Canadian cities like Halifax, Charlottetown, Moncton, Mirimichi, Amherst, Saint John's, Canso, Saint John, Ottawa, Toronto, Deep River, Calgary, Edmonton & Cranbrook.

I have delightfully shared the last 23 years with my husband Andre, and thank him for his continual support, his amazing ability to assist with keeping me on task, and his unconditional love. I am a full-time mother of two beautiful children, who, as they are getting older, help me out with office and shipping tasks now. On occasion, my daughter will assist me with glitter tattoos too! They both still love it when I create henna art for them, and they enjoy the glitter tattoos too (who doesn't?)! I have, and continue to lead a life filled with blessings and abundance.

Thank you for visiting Dragonfly Designs. Please let me know how I can be of service to you.

Wishing you Peace, Happiness and the Awareness of all the Blessings in your life,

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