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Jacquard Squeeze Bottle & Tip

Each 1/2 ounce "J-bottle" comes with one 0.5mm stainless steel tip.

These applicators are preferred by beginners! They come with a plastic screw-on cap and a separate plastic tip that the stainless steel tip threads onto.

You can fill them by squeezing the paste into it from a carrot bag. They're easy to clean out under running warm water! You can also refrigerate/freeze them with paste still inside, and then thaw & use as needed. (Note: highly recommended to remove metal tip before freezing).

J-bottle with 0.5mm tip - $7.00 CAD

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Carrot Bags

Excellent for storing your paste in, and there is no better bag from which to fill your applicator, be it a cello cone or a J-bottle.  Also a great applicator in itself, for when you need to cover large areas with henna work.  Indispensable item for the henna artist!

Carrot Bags (10) - $5.00 CAD

Pre-cut cello triangles

Ready to roll into your own custom applicators, these clear triangles are made of the same plastic wrap I use in my own business.  Measuring roughly 8" x 8" x 11", they make hardy, fine tipped cones that stand up well to freezing and EO's in your paste.  Being clear, you can easily see the paste filling the cone, and prevent messy overflows.   I recommend using 3M red plaid scotch tape when making your cones, and using a carrot bag to fill the applicator.

Cello Triangles (24) - $6.00 CAD

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Pre-rolled Applicator Cones

The same cones that I use in my business, delivered to you ready to fill with your own fresh paste (paste not included).  Super tightly rolled, you will likely have to snip the end of these cones when filling, in order to let the air out while the paste enters!  Fill, fold over the end and secure with 3M red plaid scotch tape (not included), for achieving beautifully fine lines, with less strain on your hand.  These cones stand up well to freezing and defrosting.  Will hold approximately 15 g of henna paste.


Applicator Cones (10) - $10.00 CAD

Applicator Cones (20) - $18.00 CAD