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Please be sure to send Larissa a note if your henna needs are urgent, or if you have a custom request. We love working with our clients to tailor solutions for everyone!

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It is my goal to facilitate your personal henna adventure by making available the best quality henna artistry supplies.  I supply not only to Canadian artists and enthusiasts, but to henna lovers anywhere!


Whether you are purchasing for yourself or buying a gift for someone special, I look forward to serving you.  Please read on, to understand how to place your order:

Orders are placed online ONLY.
Payment is sent AFTER your order has been submitted.

This two-phase process allows me to keep my prices lower.
Please read the Terms & Conditions


STEP 1: Select your supplies

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Henna Kit

Henna Powder

Essential Oil

Fresh Henna Paste


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To select a product, click on the button.

Your Shopping Cart will open in a new window. You can change the quantity of each item, remove items or empty the cart entirely. Click on 'View Your Cart' in the navigation bar to re-open the Shopping Cart.

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Note: Our site does not use 'cookies' -- If you completely close your browser,
the Shopping Cart will be emptied.

STEP2:  Place your order

When you are ready to submit your order, click the button in the Shopping Cart.

On the next screen, titled "Checkout", you will see your order summary at the top. Enter your contact information and click the button.

The following screen, titled "Confirm Order", you will see both your Order and Contact information displayed.
You can change your contact information by clicking on .
You can also change your order information by clicking on .

When you are ready, click on to submit your order.

The final screen says "Your order has been sent!"

STEP 3:  Sending payment

Once your order has been submitted, you will receive two email messages:

Email #1 - The first email is an auto-reply confirming that your order was submitted. If you do not receive the auto-reply, please email me at - it could be that your spam filters have stopped my message to you. 

Email #2 - The second contains your Grand Total, including applicable taxes and shipping & handling. DO NOT SEND PAYMENT UNTIL YOU RECEIVE THIS.

In the same message as the Grand Total, the payment options will be listed.  You may cancel your order at any point, up until payment is submitted.  After payment has been submitted, the contract to purchase is complete.


See the Terms & Conditions for details.

Once full payment is received, your order will be shipped in 2 business days!