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Other useful tools


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Derwent Watercolour Pencils

Great little tools for doodling your design on your body, prior to applying the henna.  Because they are water based, they will not adversely effect the staining of the henna at all.  Just dip in water, sketch out your work, and start creating.  Pencil marks can be wiped away with a wet paper towel.

Watercolour Pencil - $3.00 CAD

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3M Micropore Surgical Paper Tape

Hypoallergenic and breathable, paper tape offers a great option for wrapping your design.  Holds lines in place perfectly, and makes for easy paste removal, as most will stick to the tape!  Use with or without lemon/sugar sealant (applied prior to tape).

  • Single roll - 1 inch x 10 yards
  • 6 rolls - 1 inch x 10 yards (volume pricing)

1 Roll - $3.00 CAD

6 rolls - $15.00 CAD

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Mehndi Mitts

Great tools to protect henna designs on the hands while sleeping, or going about normal activities.  The 100% cotton is light and breathable, yet keeps in warmth and the henna crumbs!  Invaluable in assisting you achieve wonderful stains, as it makes it easier to leave paste on longer.  One size - can be taped with paper tape to ensure it stays on!  Can be hand washed and reused - but really, they are single use items, in my opinion.

  • Single pair (2 gloves)
  • 6 pairs (12 gloves)

1 pair - $2.00 CAD

6 pairs - $10.00 CAD

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Henna Health Balm

A superior "aftercare" balm, made exclusively for Dragonfly Designs Henna.  Quench thirsty skin and prolong your henna artistry by smoothing this balm onto your skin, after the paste has been removed.  Made of all natural ingredients, with no petrochemicals, this balm also repels water and richens the colour of the stain when applied.  Available in two heavenly scents:  Desert Moon (a mixture of jasmine, frankincense, and other things reminding me of the evenings in Jordan), and Vanilla Chai (who doesn't love a good cuppa spicy chai?).  Presented in tubes, these balms make great lip and dry skin salves too!


Desert Moon Henna Health Balm (7mL) - $5.00 CAD

Vanilla Chai Henna Health Balm (7mL) - $5.00