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No time to mix your own paste?  Need excellent, reliable staining results?  Fresh paste can be mixed up for you, with my personal recipe that includes: Jamila henna powder, dextrose, lemon juice, and Lavender essential oil.  You can henna as soon as your order arrives at your door!

Henna paste needs approx. 48 hours to prepare.  Paste is stored frozen in carrot bags or cones, until ready for shipment or pickup.

Fresh paste is available to Canadian clients and will be shipped by courier ONLY!  If you are in the Fredericton area, pickup arrangements can be made.

Three options for you to choose from:

  • Henna cones:  Ready to use henna cones, just snip the tip and start to henna. Approx. 15 g per cone, sold in units of 4 cones.
  • Small batch:  Made from 35 g of Jamila henna powder (approx. 120 g paste), shipped in one carrot bag.
  • Large batch:  Made from 100 g of Jamila henna powder (approx. 350 g paste), shipped in 2 carrot bags.

Henna cones (4) - $20.00 CAD

Small batch - $14.00 CAD

Large batch - $30.00 CAD