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By submitting your order to Dragonfly Designs, you agree to these terms and conditions!

General Information

1.  Orders are placed online ONLY.
2.  Payment is sent AFTER your order has been submitted online.
3.  I do not accept credit cards directly by email (it is not secure!).  If you indicate that you prefer to pay by credit, then PayPal is the only option available (where you can use your credit card through them to send me funds).   
4.  I do not have a store that you can visit, as this is a home-based business.  However, order pickups can be arranged in advance, if you are in the Fredericton area.
5.  I do not have regular business hours.

Method of Payment
Payment must be received in full before your order is shipped or picked up. In the case of fresh paste orders, production of your paste will begin only after payment has been received in full.  Select your preferred payment option.

Option 1:  Interac Email Money Transfer

Send payment from your bank account instantly! It's fast, simple & secure... and it's my preferred and recommended method of payment!

Available through Canadian banks only. Online banking is required to send Interac Email Money Transfers.  Funds should be sent to: .  For more information on seeing how easy this is to use click on the image below: 


Option 2:  PayPal

At this point in time, I am not set up to process your credit cards directly.  If you would like to purchase items with your credit cards, you may do so by using PayPal services. 

Funds should be sent to:

Option 3:  Money Orders

Canadian customers can send money orders from banks, financial institutions and Canada Post.
US and International customers, please ensure you are sending an International money order!
IMPORTANT: Must be made out to 'Larissa Reinders' -- otherwise your money order will be returned and therefore delay shipping!

Mailing address will be provided upon confirming your online order.

Option 4:  Cash

Cash is acceptable when items are purchased at an event where I am setup as a vendor with my product. All pickup orders must be pre-paid by one of the options above.

Shipping Information

Mailed Orders

Because henna powder is temperature sensitive, the faster it arrives to you, the better!

Canadian shipments are sent Expedited, Xpresspost or Courier. Rates start at $5.70 CAD and go up depending on weight & package dimensions, and destination.
US shipments are sent by Airmail, Expedited, Xpresspost or Courier. Rates start at $6.60 CAD and go up depending on weight & package dimensions, and destination.
International orders are typically shipped Airmail, Xpresspost or Courier. Rates start at $14.80 CAD and go up depending on weight & package dimensions, and destination.

A handling fee is included (I try to keep these costs low by reusing boxes & packing materials).
Your order is always well-packaged before its shipped.
Shipments are sent within 2 business days of receiving payment, with the exception of fresh paste orders. Fresh paste is made to order, but production will not begin until payment is received. Your paste is shipped as soon as it is viable and ready for you to use!

If you are placing a rush order, please contact me first!


Order pickups are available, depending on my availability.
You MUST contact me first!
A minimum of 24 hours is required before your scheduled pickup time.
All orders must be pre-paid.
Payment by Interac Email Money Transfer or PayPal are accepted in advance of your order pickup.

Additional Information

Collection of Personal Information
Under the new Canadian privacy guidelines, I am hereby giving notice of how personal information is handled: Customer information is kept for identification purposes only. Information such as name, address, phone number, and email address are necessary to fulfill orders. Information is collected for the exclusive use of Dragonfly Designs Henna, and I assure that personal information collected will never be disclosed, given or sold to anyone. Credit information is destroyed once payment has been processed - it is not kept on file.  Customers reserve the right to review and correct any personal information at any time. Occasionally, customers may receive an e-newsletter with specials, new products, workshops and news. You can unsubscribe from these mailing lists at any time. If you have any questions or comments, please contact me. I appreciate your business, and welcome your communication.

GST/HST information will appear here shortly, as I am still sorting out the logistics and requirements for New Brunswick.

Customer Satisfaction
Returns / Replacements / Refunds
I believe that every customer should be happy with the products and services that Dragonfly Designs Henna provides.  If you've found something not to your liking, please contact me and we'll work things out.

Generally, I do not issue refunds, and only make exchanges for the same item. If an item is found defective, a replacement will be sent in its place at no additional charge. (This includes defective applicator bottles, broken seals on essential oil bottles, and holes/rips in carrot bags or applicator cones.)  Concerns will be addressed for up to 7 days after delivery of your product. 

Please note, I am not responsible for items damaged during shipping! And I will not replace items that were damaged by misuse/mistreatment. When you order henna powder, pastes and essential oils, you accept that they are sensitive to temperature & sunlight and can deteriorate if exposed -- please freeze your henna and refrigerate your essential oils! I am not responsible for weak stains or ruined pastes! There are too many variables in how your paste could have turned sour... However, you can contact me to figure out what went wrong.  I will assist you as I can.

If items were damaged in shipping due to my negligence in poor packaging, I will replace & ship them free of charge (Note: I may request the original package to be shipped back to me).

Please contact me if there is an issue -- I can help determine what went wrong and if I am responsible. Thank you!

Comments? Complaints? Suggestions?
Please do not hesitate to contact me! I am a firm believer in resolving opportunities quickly and professionally. If you have a concern about your order, you can also call 506-260-8088.