Learn to Henna

Facilitation available! If you would like to get a group of at least 10 interested students, then Larissa would be delighted to come to share her knowledge with you!

Summary: Expand your sense of history and culture by learning about the ancient art form of henna. This 4 hour workshop is a combination of discussion and hands on practical work. Each participant will leave the workshop with a stack of wonderful supplies and information (session fees include ALL workshop materials). This is a class intended for beginners, to familiarize you with the foundations of henna and its uses - and is always a fun time!

Topics to be covered:

Prerequisites: No previous artistic or henna experience is required. Anyone can learn the basics of henna mixology and application. Please do bring along a fun attitude and a willingness to participate - oh, and some patience would also be an asset!


Duration: Course runs 4 hours in length. Please arrive 10 - 15 minutes early, to settle in.

Tuition: $99 per student (includes all materials needed for class)

Registration Info:

Upcoming Dates & Locations:
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